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Harlan County Christian School is not only dedicated to high quality academic instruction, but also to the development of the spiritual dimension. We place an emphasis on our Bible and Chapel programs and our teachers refer to God's Word frequently throughout the day. There is a distinct emphasis on patriotism and America's heritage of individual liberty under the Sovereignty of God.


It is the goal of HCCS to motivate our students to develop a Christian lifestyle and outlook that results in service to God and mankind.



The mission of the Harlan County Christian School is to develop an understanding in each student's mind of his/her need for salvation through faith alone in Christ alone. 


Then, building on that foundational relationship with God through faith in Christ (John 14:6, Romans 5:1, Romans 6:11, Roman 6:23, Romans 16:27, Galatians 4:7) the school focuses on biblical truth as the foundation for all academic instruction, extra-curricular activities and social development. 

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